Source code for limix.stats._lrt

from __future__ import division

[docs]def lrt_pvalues(null_lml, alt_lmls, dof=1): """ Compute p-values from likelihood ratios. These are likelihood ratio test p-values. Parameters ---------- null_lml : float Log of the marginal likelihood under the null hypothesis. alt_lmls : array_like Log of the marginal likelihoods under the alternative hypotheses. dof : int Degrees of freedom. Returns ------- pvalues : ndarray P-values. """ from scipy.stats import chi2 from numpy_sugar import epsilon from numpy import asarray, clip, inf lrs = clip(-2 * null_lml + 2 * asarray(alt_lmls, float), epsilon.super_tiny, inf) pv = chi2(df=dof).sf(lrs) return clip(pv, epsilon.super_tiny, 1 - epsilon.tiny)